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An interesting Be aware: there were apparently issues with the lightning rod system on that house. We were being one of the very best houses of The ten properties closest to us, as well as house had (has) a big sloping boulder next to it.

Frightened by this party I shared my encounter with an acquaintance who mentioned it should are from an arcing wire from the close by energy strains. I read no noise nor did I begin to see the flash That always accompanies an arcing electricity line.

This evening my partner and I ended up sitting down on our sofa viewing tv. What occurred future was something neither of us has noticed before. There was a loud pop in mid-air And that i could see a round ball of Strength--for not enough a greater phrase---that appeared to explode instantaneously. We weren't moving around. Now we have two pet dogs, Nonetheless they were not working---just sitting on our carpeted flooring. The ball of Vitality---which happens to be one of the simplest ways I am able to clarify it---was a golden yellow and at the quite moment it exploded (popped), the middle of the ball of Power was a lighter yellow. We both of those jumped. The pet dogs acquired up and commenced nosing all around---all of us recognized this Bizarre phenomena.

A bolt of lightning struck a wooden utility pole which severed the wood pole in two. The higher voltage electric lines remained live and attached and also the strains plus the severed uppermost Section of the wood pole violently swung up and down like substantial rubber bands. I'm able to only visualize what type of electomagnetic industry this produced.

I used to be seeing cricket match in between India and Australia in Television at 7 pm in my residence. At the moment I read a feather swapping sounds popping out of my window. As I checked out my window, I noticed a moth striving alone to escape from the lizard.

I discovered This web site about Ball Lightning.And believe This can be what I saw about two weeks in the past past week in August I can't keep in mind the precise day. I used to be leaving my moms household earley night to check out my car or truck it had been a bit raining and rather heat Rapidly a ball of sunshine with regards to the dimensions of a melon with a tail shot about earlier mentioned my head to my correct it made me choose to duck as it had been pretty reduced my instincts designed me soar as fast as i could into my auto it looked as if it would go straight right into a residence and dissapear. This was in Putney London. August 2008.

I was within an car with a wonderful view, my spouse witnessed the occasion and observed precisely the same phenemenon that I did. As the lightning bolt dissipated, we'd see a basketball sized glowing orb, it brightly glowed blue environmentally friendly and floated and acted like it experienced the area rigidity not in contrast to that of a giant cleaning soap bubble.

In 1987 I'd invited my neighbor over for tea in Weybridge, Surrey, England, when ball lightning entered the living room the place we were being sitting down.

The Orange ball was the size of the beach ball with a brief trailing tail' extreamily rapid' I believed it had been going to hit me face on nonetheless thankfully the ball went excessive of the vehicle and out of sight.

On Saturday 1st August 2009, at about 10pm, I witnessed to the east of my back garden a big ball of quite brilliant flame like orange / crimson colouring, with evident quite fine hairs/fingers of flame coming from the edges . It moved randomly, and lasted about sixty seconds. It absolutely was at a length, so the scale was difficult to judge, but it had been at about 30 levels elevation and apparently large during the sky.

After i was possibly no more than 6 decades previous (I am 63 now) I was on the lookout out from the third floor window with the condominium creating the place I lived. The making was U formed, properties on each side and back again, all joined jointly. The ball of lightning arrived down that courtyard so quick and bright, and it absolutely was for the 3rd flooring amount.

I've looked everywhere you go on the internet and in libraries and many others., and have not been able to find just about anything about this in almost any form or form in any way. I have already been explained to that it was 'ball-lightning' BUT I've essentially noticed ball-lightning both equally in the united kingdom along with the USA, where by I lived for a number of yrs considering that the following occurrences and I can categorically state that it wasn't ball-lightning, or ball lightning as described by most observers, which I observed on each the occasions click here in concern; in any scenario, there was no stormy climate about and, in fact, the climate was quiet on both equally situations.

I have witnessed this phenomenon 4 instances personally, three of these remaining while in the city of Lackawaxen. Every time it appeared away from nowhere, was in regards to the dimensions of a basketball vibrant and yellowish and moved across the sky and down powering the trees.

1st. Date: All over 1956. Locale: Kabete, outside the house Nairobi, Kenya. Atmospheric problems: Late night, dry storms around but not during the rapid vicinity! I had been sitting down in my very first read more flooring flat going through miles of open up ground inside the path of Mount Kenya inside the much distance. In front of me was an open window and I used to be chaotic with a few Handle line model airplanes. There was a kind of 'pop' outside the house And that i appeared up to check out this glowing ball, of around football dimension, appear gradually with the window, pass me by about two metres, go from the open up door into my Bed room, out throughout the open bedroom window and shoot off vertically with A different 'pop' sound.

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